Thank you for your interest in becoming an egg donor!

New England Fertility Institute’s egg donation program is uniquely focused on matching recipient patients with donated eggs to create a successful pregnancy. Our dedicated and experienced staff is devoted to matching the best donor/donated eggs to each individual patient.

By becoming an egg donor, you can earn $8,000 while helping couples achieve their dreams of having a family!

How does egg donation work?

An egg donor receives daily injectable medication (for approximately 10 days) to stimulate her ovaries to grow multiple eggs. During a minor medical procedure, the mature eggs are then harvested from the donor while she receives IV sedation. After the eggs are fertilized in the laboratory, one or two embryos (fertilized eggs) are implanted in the recipient’s uterus for a potential pregnancy. The entire process – from initiating a cycle until completion – is approximately 28 days and includes up to eight office visits.


Who can become an egg donor?

An egg donor is usually between the ages of 21 and 30, and meets the following criteria:

  • No significant medical history including hereditary genetic diseases.
  • A body mass index (BMI) less than 28.

What screening tests are performed for an egg donor?

  • Blood and drug screening: Egg donors are tested for hereditary genetic diseases, ovarian age, illicit drug use and infectious diseases, such as HIV.
  • Physical consultation: Egg donors will meet with a physician for an interview, physical exam and explanation of procedures, including any possible side effects and risks.
  • Mental health consultation: Egg donors will meet with a psychologist to allow them an opportunity to discuss all aspects of egg donation.

If you qualify to become an egg donor, what’s next?

Once the screening process is complete and you are eligible to participate in the egg donor program, you will meet with a fertility nurse for an in-depth review of the egg donation process. At this appointment, you will learn more about the injection technique and egg retrieval procedure.

You will be asked to sign an informed consent form asking you to relinquish all rights to the eggs at the time they are harvested. Donors will not be told whether the person who received their eggs achieved a pregnancy.

Upon completion of the egg donation cycle, you will be financially compensated, not as a payment for the eggs, but to cover time away from employment and travel.

Egg Donor

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