NEF offers a wide range of options designed to accommodate same-sex couples, lesbians and gay singles including egg donation, surrogacy and insemination.

We suggest that you begin your journey by setting up a consultation with Dr. Lavy, who will review your history and discuss the various aspects of the process. Following your initial consultation, you will be assigned a coordinator who will be your personal “guide” throughout the process.

We will help you find an egg donor and will work with your surrogacy agency or help you to find one. The agency will then locate a surrogate and will handle all legal aspects of the process.

Our experienced team will be there to help ensure that this process works smoothly and that you can focus your energy on the most important decisions, like:

  • Finding a suitable donor
  • Finding a suitable surrogate
  • Deciding whose sperm will be used for fertilization
  • How many embryos should be transferred to the surrogate?
  • Choosing a financial program that fits your needs
  • Surrogacy for Gay singles and couples
  • Options for Lesbian singles and couples
  • Adoption: One of Many Options