Take control of your biological clock

Egg Freezing, also known as Fertility Preservation, quite literally extends a woman’s chance of conceiving. Since a woman’s fertility begins to decline in her 20’s, continuing to drop until at age 40 most women’s chance of conceiving naturally is just 5 % or less, the ability to freeze eggs gives women options. By freezing eggs at a younger reproductive age the chance for future fertility using your own eggs will be maximized.

Introducing New England Fertility’s FERTILITY COMFORT PLAN

That’s right! Women can freeze their eggs at New England Fertility at a point that the eggs are young and healthy and use them in the future for conception when the time is right.

Preserving a woman’s eggs extends the window of time when their own eggs can be used to conceive, regardless of their age. Using the latest freezing techniques to freeze eggs is growing in demand by young, educated women who are eager to have a family when the time is right for them. Given societal trends of women wanting to start their family in their 30’s and 40’s this technology is empowering women to take charge of their own fertility and family planning like never before.

The FERTILITY COMFORT PLAN is also a tremendous option for young women facing cancer treatment – chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery — that is likely to interfere with future fertility. Many of these therapies are destructive to the eggs and lead to unavoidable infertility. By freezing the eggs prior to the eggs being exposed to these treatments, the patient’s fertility is preserved.


To get started you’ll meet with our medical director, Dr Gad Lavy, and talk about how the plan works. The doctor will answer your questions and explain more about how the freezing, or vitrifying, your eggs will allow you to utilize your young eggs at a later date, enhancing your chances of conceiving despite being older.

The doctor will go over your general and reproductive health history, laboratory and ultrasound results and then the two of you will make a plan about next steps.

Before you leave the appointment you’ll have an opportunity to get your questions answered too.

Once the physician deems you a good candidate for the FERTILITY COMFORT PLAN a schedule will be set for the process. You’ll take medication for approximately 10 days and visit the clinic regularly for ultrasounds to monitor how the medication is working. The goal is to have your body produce the greatest number of eggs to freeze while keeping your body healthy.

Once the medication period is complete your eggs will be collected during a short procedure at our facility. This lasts only about 30 minutes and requires just a one-hour recovery time before you’ll head home to rest for the remainder of the day.

The best eggs will be preserved in our laboratory by quickly freezing using a technique called vitrification. The eggs will be cryopreserved at our facility until you are ready to use them. At that time, the frozen eggs will be thawed, fertilized, and then transferred as embryos using in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the goal of implantation and pregnancy.